A basic delivery starts at $60 and is ...

(eg. a sofa, purchased locally, to be delivered to your home).

  • ...in the Boston metro area (includes Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline and all Boston boroughs). If not, add $10 if just outside, $20 if still within Rt 128 belt, more if further afield.
  • ...during non-traffic hours. If not, add $10-20.
  • ...is straightforward (eg. no door removal or excessive stairway-carry required at pick-up or drop-off). If not, add $10-20, depending on difficulty.
  • ...a "One-Person-Carry" item or, possibly, you or a strong friend are helping to carry. If not, add $40 for me to hire a helper.
  • ...a small number of items. If not, best to contact me to discuss specifics.