A basic mini-move starts at $80 and ...

(eg. a 1-2 bedroom apartment or studio).

  • ...is within the Boston metro area (includes Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline and all Boston boroughs). If not, first hour may be scaled up by distance.
  • ...takes 1-hr (or less) from when I arrive to payment upon completion. If not, add $15 per each additional 15 minute period entered upon.
  • ...you (or a strong friend) are helping with 2-person-carry items when needed. If not, add $40 for each helper I hire, and the timed-rate (past 1-hr) increases $5 per etc.. 
  • ...items are normal-weight, sensibly packed and can fit in/on-top-of a van. If not, best to contact me so we can adjust our plan. Packing service can be arranged at a reduced rate.